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/A Brief History of Kimonos and Caftans


Kimonos are a traditional Japanese garment that have been worn for over a thousand years. In fact, the word “kimono” means “clothing” in Japanese. These easy-to-wear garments are time tested to provide warmth when layered in cool weather, breathable in summer, they fit just about everyone perfectly, and they’re easy to fold and store. Today, kimonos have become a popular multicultural fashion choice for festival-goers and everyday fashionistas alike.


Caftans are tunic-style Mesopotamian garments that have been worn for thousands of years throughout the middle east. The word “caftan” comes from the Turkish phrase “kap ton,” which translates to “covering garment.” Today, these once-exotic, lavish garments have made their way into mainstream fashion, offering high style and comfort with a beautiful multicultural history.